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Outlaw/Eagle Racing great videos, Eagle/Outlaw specs and pics,  home of Eagle Race Hulls, Eagle Outlaw boats.Outlaw/Eagle Forum

Brattjet home page Brattjet Forum

New Zealand Jetboating- Great video and pics, great forum. Lots of do it yourself boaters there, many good ideas and info.

New Zealand Jetboat River Racing Association NZJBRRA 

FRANK'S PHOTO & VIDEO ExperienceWhitewater Jetboat racing in your living room! Video from previous years, great photos! 2007 SALMON RACE VIDEO & highlights of past Salmon races back to 1982

Gold Beach racers Team Bohhica    www.bohhicaracing.com


2013 Canada & USA Race Schedule
Riggins, Idaho – April 19-21, 2013
St Maries, Idaho – May 17-19, 2013
Grande Prairie – June 21-23, 2013
Peace River – July 12-14, 2013
Whitecourt – August 09-11, 2013
Lewiston, Idaho – August 23-24, 2013
Ft. St John – Aug. 31 –Sept. 02, 2013
2012 USA Race Schedule
April 13th - April 21st USA Worlds event
13th Welcome party & BBQ St. Maries Idaho
14th-15th St. Joe river, St. Maries Idaho
16th-17th Snake river, Lewiston Idaho
18th Clearwater river, Orofino Idaho
19th Off day
20th-21st Salmon river, Riggins Idaho
Klamath River Rats Poker run and boat rodeo July 28th and 29th
Theme: "WT"
2012 Canada Race Schedule (so far & unofficial)
July 14th and 15th Peace River
August 11th and 12th Whitecourt
September 1st and 2nd Grand Prairie

2011 USA Race Schedule
April 15th, 16th and 17th Salmon River, Riggins, Id. story
August 26th, 27th and 28th Snake River, Lewiston, Idaho
 Hells Gate Marina to Bear Bar (2 legs/day, 27 miles each way)
for Lewiston

July 23rd & 24th Klamath River Rats Poker run & boat rodeo
This years theme: "Revenge of the Nerds"

2011 Worlds  - Canada
June 30th-July 9th

2010 USA Race Schedule
April 17th and 18th Salmon River, Riggins, Id story
May 8th and 9th Trinity River, Hoopa, California story
July 10th, 2010 Klamath River Rats Poker run & boat Rodeo- pics from 2009 here!
(and I thought I had said goodbye to disco a long time ago....)

2010 Canada Race Schedule
June 18,19,20 - Grande Prairie Rat 200
July 9,10,11 - Peace River Gold Cup Race
August 6,7,8 - Whitecourt River Boat Assoc Races
More info & poker runs

2009 USA Race Schedule
April 18th and 19th Salmon River, Riggins, Idaho
canceled  Trinity River, Hoopa, California
July 11th and 12th  Klamath River Rat Poker Run & boat rodeo

2008 USA Race Schedule
April 19-20 Riggins, Id  story
* May 17-18-19 Gold Beach, Or
* May 20-21 Hoopa, Ca
* May 23-24 Grants Pass
* May 25-26 Klamath Lake, Or
Trex 2008 Worlds Site

July 12-13 Klamath River Rat Poker Run and Boat Rodeo
Aug 16-17 Emigrant Lake CANCELED

* 2008 Worlds races

2007 USA Race Schedule
March 31, April 1 Umpqua, Roseburg story
Trinity, Hoopa June 9,10 story
Klamath River Poker Run and Boat Rodeo
Klamath, California   July 28nd and 29th, 2007

2006 USA Race Schedule
 April 15-16  Salmon River, Riggins, story
 May 27-28  Rogue River, Grants Pass story
 August 19-20 Willamette River, Albany story
 Klamath River Rats Poker Run July 22nd & 23rd

2006 Canada Race Schedule
June 17th, 2006 Grande Prairie 
July 15 & 16, 2006 Peace River 
Aug 12 & 13, 2006 Whitecourt 
Details  also poker runs! 

2005 USA Race Schedule
  April 2-3 - Umpqua River, Roseburg, Or 
  April 16-17 - Salmon River, Riggins story
  May 14-15 - Trinity River, Hoopa, story
  OFF til next year Clearwater River, Lewiston, Id 
  Aug 20-21 - Willamette River, Albany story

2004 Worlds - the Fitters 500
Times & finishes

2004  U.S. Race Schedule
April 17 & 18 Salmon  Coverage
May 29 & 30  Grants Pass, Or. Coverage
June 12 & 13  Gold Beach 
June 19 & 26  World Championship  Marysville, Ca. 
August 21 & 22  Willamette at Albany Coverage
2004 Klamath River Rat Poker Run & Rodeo
July 24th, 2004

2004 Canadian Race Schedule
Quesnel, B.C. - July 3-4 2004 
Peace River, Alberta - July 17-18 2004 
Hay River, Alberta - July 31-Aug 01 2004 
Whitecourt, Alberta - Aug 14-15 2004 
Albany Oregon Exhibition Run - August 2003

2003 Schedule and Coverage
2002 Schedule and Coverage
2001 Schedule and coverage
2000 Schedule and coverage
River of no return - The Salmon 
Marysville 99
Boatnik - Grants Pass (lost it!) 
The Klamath Dyno
Gold Beach 
Schedule and Results, US Nationals results, 
The Salmon
The Klamath
Gold Beach