Riggins 2011


It's 8 am MDT, a bit overcast, the river is at 8500 CFS. http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv?site_no=13317000
I guess it's about 45 degrees out there now. Rain likely for today.
I've seen Dale Whiteside with his piston boat, 399 and Miss Ede 204. Duane Carmont 55, Jude Hostler 88 and about 4 more boats out at Short's bar. More coming in too. Ryan Rogers has a new boat it looks like and the Burley boat has new paint.

Watched somebody running the confluence riffle last night with big head lights on their boat and music playing.
Chris (Ravencrew) is trying all kinds of stuff to get his live broadcast working better. He tried it out last night and discovered he needed a better video source. He is on a mission to Grangeville to find more bits and pieces.

I'll head to Short's Bar in a bit to bum a ride and then get the boat ready and test it. Need more coffee.
Probably wont write tomorrow morning but will write after the days racing.

The bad news- Both incidents in testing- Ryan Rogers blew out yesterday afternoon and has lost his brand new CX boat. They think they have it located. He and his nav got good and cold soaked, one of them hitched a ride to the pits, might be minor concussion involved. Damn shame. Duane Carmont holed 1 & 8 and is done. Have not heard why the motor decided to eat itself.

It's good to be here, not so much if you are these guys though.
Weather yesterday overcast and nippy. Some wind up past the pits. A little rain here and there. Hoping for better tommorow.

Saturday Racing

9 boats starting today.

Nice day today- some sun, no rain a good day.
Everyone finished with the exception of Jude, we think his pump ate itself inside. (turns out his coil mount broke) This was on the last run up: He said it started vibrating really bad and slipping. They managed to make it up through Time Zone after a lonnng start at Ladder Creek because his pump was "slipping". He went through Time Zone pretty slow so it was very bumpy- sloshed a bunch of fuel into the motor and killed it- they slid over a rock as they floated back into Time Zone, Jude hung over the side of the boat like a sail boater to keep the upriver side down then a safety boat grabbed them and took them to the beach. This was a red flag incident. I stopped under the bridge and waited until they let me go again.

Other than the occasional rocketman drive through Time Zone and other places, everyone had pretty darn good runs.

Found out that the a safety boat got sliced at Tight Squeeze, easy enough to do. They got him back on a trailer ok- aluminum boats are easy to repair so no sweat there!
The river has been holding at about 8500 since we arrived, this morning it is at 8340 cfs. As with most things that has pluses and minuses. The plus is the bumps will be incrementally smaller, the minus is the rocks will be either out further or closer to the surface. All in all, should make for better runs...
What would the magic number be at Riggins? My guess is about where it is right now.

Sorry, don't have the times for today- I don't know where they might be. They will probably be at the pits tomorrow and I will take picture of the board and post it here tomorrow evening.
Over and out.

Sunday Racing

Just talking to Tim Ryerson, the man who setup the gps trackers. He said they saw Gordie at 140.2 down through town pool! I also heard the downriver record has been reset to 4:48. That time might be wrong, but I will be able to say later.

And they did find Ryan's boat, and were going to attempt to pull it out this evening. Wendy was not with him, she was on her way to Riggins, I don't know who was with Ryan. Sad going by the buoys marking the boat all day.

I am also waiting to hear that Ryan Rogers boat was recovered, I am sure it has been by now. It is a very, very nice boat and Ryan woiuld have put on a great show with it if not for the mishap. I did see the Burley boat back on the trailer at Ladder Creek as we were heading north. The folks in Riggins make great efforts to help you get your boat back, it's much appreciated.

That roll was the most amazing boat thing I have seen or been involved with. Russ and I feel VERY lucky. It seems kinda weird actually. Hope to have a copy of the video I saw soon. Barely got wet. Just weird. The boat needs a new sponson, but it did not cause any leaks. If the motor would have fired we would have finished. (motor inhaled water and was hydrolocked.)

The sport jet guys were only planning on racing Saturday, they had other commitments Sunday. The driver was 18 and they were having a great time!

Those Canadian teams are something else aren't they, absolute pro racers, really good at it. Great competitors and really great folks too.

All in all, I had a great weekend there too, as we always do! We love going to Riggins, and they like us being there and it shows. Just really like going to race there.

I have a photo of the times but don't have a way to get the pics out of my camera yet. The course record down run was assailed THREE times this weekend and ended up at 4:56. Darren (204) first matched it at 5:09, Dale (399) lowered it to 4:59 and then Gord (357) dropped it again to 4:56. Wow!

Chris Sackett (Ravencrew) got a lot of really great video, onboard, HD and super high speed camera. I think he needs about six more cameras. He got a lot of help this weekend from young Mr. Hostler. Not so sure if I want to see any of my "driving" under a microscope though!!!

I am somewhere in the middle of Washington state in a motel, heading for the Seattle area tomorrow, and it occurs to me I should write some about today's events.

The two casualties were myself(16) and Ross (177). I did a low-altitude barrel roll just below the Motel Riffle and landed upright, Ross rolled upside down and into the water at Tight Squeeze. Guy was navigating and was stuck under the boat, he did get out, but it was bad. Been thinking about those two all the way here.

Of the 8 boats that started:
357 Gord
399 Dale
204 Darren
163 Duane & Gary
177 Ross
88 Jude
16 Jesse
46 ? sorry don't remember

88 Jude had his coil fall off
46 (THOSE TWO YOUNG GUYS) ran most of the legs Saturday but had to book out on Sunday
16 Jesse, barrel rolled on Sunday, first leg on the beach the rest of the day
177 Ross, rolled and sunk on Sunday, first leg, boat recovered Sunday afternoon

These two boats did not make it to the start on Saturday:
55 Duane Carmont lost his motor testing on Friday
146 Ryan blew out and sunk testing on Friday, boat likely recovered by now.

Four finished the last leg on Sunday:

357 Gord
399 Dale
204 Darren
163 Labrums.

2011 Salmon River Jet Boat Races--Official Time Sheet--                                
      LEG 1 LEG 2 LEG 3 LEG 4 LEG 5 LEG 6 LEG 1 LEG 2 LEG 3 LEG 4 FINAL TIME  
357   5:01   5:04   5:02   5:18   4:59   5:05   4:57   5:03   4:56   5:03   0050:28   1
399   5:09   5:30   5:00   5:27   5:01   5:20   5:04   5:16   4:59   5:20   0052:06   2
204   5:16   5:27   5:09   5:29   5:08   5:22   5:17   5:30   5:09   5:27   0053:14   3
163   5:38   5:48   5:37   5:53   5:29   5:51   5:38   6:00   5:28   5:53   0057:15   4
177   5:25   5:50   5:22   5:56   5:26   5:45   DNF    DNS    DNS    DNS     
 16    6:32   7:02   6:27   7:06   6:28   7:00   DNF    DNS    DNS    DNS     
 88    6:00    6:33   6:07   6:47  6:53   DNF    DNS    DNS    DNS    DNS     
 46    7:02    DNF   7:05   7:59  7:10   7:53    DNS    DNS    DNS    DNS