Our Sponsors

We are extremely happy to realize that there are so many people in America who share our interests! Although it's hard to call racing just an "interest" or a "hobby," racing is life.

We want to express our gratitude to the companies that have supported and continue to support Whitewater Jetboat Racing!


Precision Wealth Advisors, LLC

Precision Wealth Advisors, LLC is a Colorado-based boutique-style financial services firm built upon a foundation of four pillars: Knowledge, Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency. The company believes these to be imperative. With the necessary industry knowledge, it is able to conduct business professionally, integrity assures its clients' interests will be put first, honesty creates the basis for all valued relationships, transparency brings refreshing clarity to our financial advice, and together these pillars establish its reason for existing - helping clients achieve their goals.

Precision Wealth Advisors strives daily to incorporate these principles into each client and business decision it makes. The company counts it a privilege to serve both advisors and investors in a culture that promotes true professionalism.

Resource Financial Planning Corporation

Resource Financial Planning Corporation was founded in 1992 with the belief that in order to provide exceptional financial services, it had to be free from the influences present at so many insurance companies and traditional Wall Street firms. The company sets out to create an environment where our customers may find honest opinions from credible financial professionals who understand their concerns, dreams, and goals and who offer appropriate financial solutions.

Its search led Resource Financial Planning Corporation to Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer that provides them with a wide selection of products and high-quality services to help it address its clients' needs.

Fidelity Bank

As a full-service bank Fidelity Bank offers premier banking services that keep you connected to your money while building a sound financial future. It helps people achieve the dream of homeownership with comprehensive mortgage lending services.

And the bank offers savings and loan options designed to help people plan for a better tomorrow.

Fidelity Bank will always strive to evolve its products, services, and customer experience to exceed your expectations and allow you to bank when and where you want.

Legends Bank

"Together, we're creating a story of phenomenal service," Legends Bank said. The one it hopes will be passed down through generations. The one that's brought to life every day by exceptional bankers who have dedicated their careers to serving you.

In Legends Bank, you'll be welcomed, appreciated, and treated with the utmost respect.

You'll find Legends Bank takes the time, make an effort, and goes the distance. In the bank, they think of ways to help, remember the courtesies, and always greet you with a smile. Because they know it absolutely does make a difference.

Legends Bank is a professional who knows what you want and need most.

Franklin First

As a credit union, Franklin First is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by our members. With Franklin First, you become a cooperative owner, not just another account number.

Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit. Therefore, interest rates tend to be significantly better with fewer fees. Your financial well-being comes first, and you can rest assured that when you become a member of Franklin First, your money stays within the local communities.

Franklin First has one select location, which means our members receive superior customer service from our friendly staff.

Silverton Mortgage

Founded in 1998, Silverton Mortgage is an acknowledged industry leader within the mortgage community. The company has always believed that maintaining the entire loan process in-house keeps everyone involved: borrower, real estate agent, and Silverton Mortgage. One team, one goal.

Because of its collaborative culture, Silverton Mortgage is honored to continually be recognized with the industry's leading customer satisfaction rankings and stunning growth as it continually expands its lending footprint.

Success is always a team effort. At Silverton Mortgage, they credit their years of success to the trust of clients and the hard work of the talented individuals on their team.